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  • ZKBioPack


    ZKBioPack software makes adding biometric readers to Schneider-Electric’s Continuum access control software fast and easy.

    • Simple – ZKBioPack launches from Continuum.
    • Flexible – Supports different type ZKAccess readers.
    • Scalable – No limit on number of readers supported.
    • Saves time. Installation & setup is fast and simple.
    • Saves money. ZKBioPack is very inexpensive.
    • Secure – Use of Biometric readers ensures people requesting door access are who they say they are whereas ID badges can be misappropriated.
    • ZKBioPack is launched from within the Continuum Personnel Manager using the local workstation.
    • ZKBioPack communicates directly with Continuum while downloading user data and subsequently uploading that user data to the biometric readers.
    • ZKBioPack synchronizes all relevant user data and biometric credentials amongst the biometric readers over the IP backbone.
    • ZKBioPack allows users to manage all the biometric readers from the Continuum interface.
    • Choice of ZKAccess Biometric Readers: F18, TF1700, TF1600, and MB700

    Technical Specifications


    Devices 100
    Users 30,000

    Supported Architecture

    Database Access/Microsoft SQL
    Operating System Windows 7/8/10/Server 2008 (32/64)

    PC Requirements

    Monitor Resolution1024 x 768 or Above

    CPU Pentium Dual-Core Processor or Above
    RAM 2GB
    Storage 10 GB Free Space (NTFS Recommended)
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