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US-C3-400 Demo Case

US-C3-400 Demo Case

  • US-C3-400 Demo Case

    No more fumbling with parts, pieces, and messy wires to set up for your presentations and training meetings. Simply plug your ZKAccess Case into a standard power receptacle and the rest of your time can be productive sales and training time.

    A complete two-door access control system is in your ZKAccess Demo Case, including card readers, request-to-exit and door status input devices, as well as trigger and alarm indication devices for the programmable auxiliary inputs and outputs. LED’s placed around the demo graphics light up to indicate various access control events.

    Since the included C3-400 4-door controller is IP-based, simply plug your PC or laptop into the C3-400’s network port to demonstrate the full featured ZKAccess5.0 management software included with your Demo Case.

    Completely pre-configured and pre-wired, this self-contained and very portable ZKAccess Demo Case will pay for itself many times over in increased sales productivity and more efficient user training. What more can you ask for?

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