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  • KR1000

    KR1000 is an outdoor IP65-rated extended-range 125 kHz proximity card reader designed specifically for ZKAccess cards, fobs, tokens and stickers.


    With its 2 feet read-range, KR1000 provides users convenient RFID authentication for many applications including door access, vehicular gate access and any application in which the user no longer needs to
    have their RFID credential held in close range to the RFID reader.

    KR1000 has a built-in Wiegand-Out port which can be connected to most any access control panel (including ZKAccess C3 and InBio door controllers).


    Technology / Proximity
    Supported media / ZKAccess cards, fobs, tokens and stickers
    Frequency / 125 kHz
    Read Range / Up to 2 feet (60cm)
    Material / ABS (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene)
    Color Black
    Indoor & Outdoor Installation / Electronics sealed in weather resistant epoxy potting
    Keypad / N/A
    Wiegand Inferface / Wiegand-Out port
    Power Supply / 12 to 16V DC
    Current / Max 300 mA
    IP-rating / 65
    Operating Temperature / -4° F to 131° F / -20° C to + 55° C
    Operating Humidity / 15% to 90% relative humidity non-condensing
    Dimensions (H×W×D) / 9.3 x 9.4 x 1.4 inches (235 x 240 x 35 mm)
    Weight / 42 oz (1.2 kg)
    Certifications / FCC, CE, RoHS

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