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FR1400 flush-mount slave fingerprint and prox card reader

FR1400 flush-mount slave fingerprint and prox card reader

  • FR1400 flush-mount slave fingerprint and prox card

    Reliable, durable and highly accurate FLUSH-MOUNT ZK fingerprint sensor with ver. 10 algorithm provides less than 1.5 second user recognition from the slave reader or the inBio panel with an extremely low false read rate.RS485 mode of communication is used by the sensor to communicate with the master reader or the inBio panel. The user places their finger on the sensor and after the fingerprint is matched by the master or inBio panel an audio and visual indication for acceptance/rejection is provided to the user.

    IP65 rated waterproof enclosure permits this reader to be used for outdoor applications. Internal Proximity Card, HID or Mifare Card reader allows dual factor authentication for access control.


    • FR1400 can transfer fingerprint template to inBIO controller or stand-alone fingerprint access controllers through RS485 communication
    • FR1400 has passed IP65 certification, so it can installed outdoors
    • FR1400 has standard ZK 125 kHz prox card module
    • FR1400 is very easy to install due to its small size and needs only RS485 communication
    • FR1400 works with inBIO controller or ZK standalone access controllers
    • Even if FR1400 is removed from the wall, the door lock is controlled by the InBio panel or standalone reader (not FR1400). So using FR1400 is very secure.



    Power Supply 12V DC, 1 Amp


    Length 3” (102 mm)
    Width 1.6” (50 mm)
    Depth 1.1” (37 mm)

    Optional Function

    ID fingerprint with ID card reader
    Mifare fingerprint with Mifare card reader


    Communication RS485


    Operating Temperature 32-113 F (0-45 C)
    Operating Humidity 20% to 80%


    Dimensions 5” x 8.5” x 3”
    Weight 3 lbs (48 ozs.)
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