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FB-3200 Flap Barrier

FB-3200 Flap Barrier

  • FB-3200 Flap Barrier


      • FB-3200 Flap Barrier is part of the Delta Turnstiles “Powered by ZKAccess” brand.


        ZKAccess OEM manufactures the FB-3200 exclusively for Delta Turnstiles and Delta’s authorized sales channel.

        FB-3200 is a dual-lane 3-foot tall pedestal, having a pair of wing-shaped barriers. FB-3200 is an economical way of adding an extra turnstile lane.

        When users authenticate, both barriers retract upwards and into their pedestal, thus allowing passage.

        Options include a factory-installed card reader, fingerprint reader and/or face reader.

        FB-3200 is very popular in commercial office buildings.

        For more information on “Powered by ZKAccess” turnstiles (including pricing & availability), contact:

        Delta Turnstiles, LLC
        Att: Vanessa Howell
        1011 Detroit Ave., Suite C
        Concord, CA 94518
        (925) 969-1498

        Note Delta Turnstiles offers the “Powered by ZKAccess” brand of turnstiles to help customers with smaller budgets who still wish to receive the very same great quality and support synonymous with the Delta brand.

        The “Powered by ZKAccess brand” (exclusive from Delta) consists of ZKAccess tripod turnstiles, flap barrier turnstiles, swing barrier turnstiles, full height turnstiles and swing gates.

        Some of the many benefits to integrators, dealers and end users include now having very affordable plug ‘n play turnstiles with factory-installed access control readers which greatly reduces installation time & cost

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